Gulkana Hatchery

Photo: M. Webster

The Gulkana Hatchery is operated by the Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation (PWSAC), and has been in operation since 1973. It is the largest sockeye hatchery in the world, taking about 35 million eggs and releasing approximately 20 million sockeye fry into Summit, Paxson, and Crosswinds lakes. Returning fish are captured in each of the four Copper River fisheries — commercial, subsistence, sport and personal use.

There has been some concern that fish from the Gulkana Hatchery are straying into wild stock streams. In a pilot study conducted by Ecotrust in 2008, no evidence of any straying was found. Read the full report here: Upriver Sockeye Straying Report 10-13-09.

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