Kenny Lake

Current Population: 355 (2010 U.S. Census Population)
Incorporation Type: Unincorporated
Borough Located In: Unorganized
Taxes: No taxing authority

Location and Climate

Kenny Lake lies off of the Richardson Highway, between miles 1 and 22 on the Edgerton Highway and between miles 1 and 11 of the Old Edgerton Highway. It is along the preferred route into the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. The community lies at approximately 61.683610° North Latitude and -144.852340° West Longitude. (Sec. 31, T001S, R003E, Copper River Meridian.) Kenny Lake is located in the Chitina Recording District. Kenny Lake lies in the continental climate zone, with long, cold winters and relatively warm summers. Temperature extremes range from -58 to 91 °F. Annual snowfall averages 52 inches, with total precipitation of 12 inches per year.

History, Culture and Demographics

The Ahtna people occupied the region historically. The area was settled in the 1960s by a number of homesteaders due to the rich fertile soil and agricultural potential. However, a number of homesteaders cleared 20 acres of land, built a cabin, and lived there for 6 months of every year for five years, as required to obtain ownership, then subdivided and sold the property. There are still four original homesteaders farming their land. Until the 1970s, the Old Edgerton Highway was the only road into Kenny Lake.

Kenny Lake was built as an agricultural community.

According to Census 2010, there were 258 housing units in the community and 145 were occupied. Its population was 8.2 percent American Indian or Alaska Native; 83.4 percent white; 0.3 percent black; 0.3 percent Asian; 7.6 percent of the local residents had multi-racial backgrounds. Additionally, 3.4 percent of the population was of Hispanic decent.

Facilities, Utilities, Schools and Health Care

Most residents and businesses haul water from one of two community wells, located at mile 5 of the Edgerton Highway, or have water delivered by truck from Glennallen. There are a few successful private wells. The schools use their own well-water systems. The majority of the occupied households use individual septic tank systems and are fully plumbed. Refuse dumpsters are available from Copper Basin Sanitation, which provides disposal at the Glennallen landfill. The 1990 Census found that nearly half of all homes were used only seasonally. Electricity is provided by Copper Valley Electric Assoc. There is one school located in the community, attended by 107 students. Local hospitals or health clinics include Copper Center Health Clinic Cross Road Medical Center in Glennallen. Emergency Services have highway and helicopter access. Emergency service is provided by 911 Telephone Service and volunteers. Auxiliary health care is provided by Copper River EMS Council (907-822-3671).


Agricultural crops such as hay and vegetables are grown locally, and cattle are raised as well. A school, sawmill and lumber business, fur farm, feed and seed supplier, glass company, and construction company are located in Kenny Lake. Horse backpacking trips are available for visitors.

The 2005-2009 American Community Survey (ACS) estimated 90 (MOE +/-58)1 residents as employed. The ACS surveys established that average median household income (in 2009 inflation-adjusted dollars) was $46,964 (MOE +/-$24,512). The per capita income (in 2009 inflation-adjusted dollars) was $29,413 (MOE +/-$10,996).

1 All ACS statistics are published with their respective margin of error (MOE).


The Edgerton Highway connects Kenny Lake to the entire state road system. Several landing strips are available nearby for small aircraft landlings.

Organizations with Local Offices

Community Non-Profit – Kenny Lake Community League
P.O. Box 231
Copper Center, AK 99573
Phone 907-822-3313

Electric Utility – Copper Valley Electric Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 45
Glennallen, AK 99588-0045
Phone 907-822-3211

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