Audio Recordings

In 2009, Ecotrust produced an audio series called “Stories of Resilience: The past, present, and future of the Copper River”. The themes of these recordings highlight the social, economic, and ecological resiliency as it relates to salmon and salmon economies of the Copper River watershed.

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ATVs Chickaloon Live With Salmon
Water Quality Water Quality 2 Genetics Culverts
Hatcheries Harvest Management What Salmon Give Myth Busting

Thousands of years before Alaska was a territory, and well before state and federal fishery management, the Ahtna Athapaskans living along the Copper River had systems in place for using and managing fish and game. Salmon was an important source of food so there were some pretty strict rules about how to treat them. Ahtna elder Fred Ewan, Wilson Justin, a culture bearer from Chistochina, and Bill Simeone, an anthropologist from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, describe traditional Ahtna salmon in the following audio story:

Ahtna Management
Written Stories

The Copper River Knowledge System is a place for sharing local and traditional ecological knowledge about the Copper River Watershed and connected areas. One of the best ways to share knowledge is through stories. If you or someone you know have written about an experience you have had, related to ecological knowledge in the area, and would like to share that writing with the public, please submit your story to Gabe McMahan at

Submitted Writings
The Chase Description of wolf pursuing a cow and calf caribou. Story was written by Harley McMahan about an event witnessed while radio-tracking Chisana Caribou in 2006.
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